What’s in a name


I’ve had my share of aliases over the years; Guido and Sweetbottom to name a couple. The name Strangeblood was actually given to me by the drummer in Venus Flytrap circa 1991. We were at band practice and were messing around and the late Chris Whitson (guitarist and songwriter) would say “That Curtis just isn’t normal, he doesn’t do normal things and doesn’t listen to normal music”. One time Tom White said, “I think I’m going to start calling you Curtis Srange then, have you heard of that golf player Curtis Strange?” I think the name Curtis Strange followed me around for a few days and then it somehow turned into Curtis Strangeblood. Back then Tom used to always accent the A’s a bit and so it always came out as Curtis Straaangeblood.

The rest is history I suppose. I only ever DJ’d three or four times, so leaving out the Curtis and inserting DJ is just a sort of novelty to give everyone the impression that you’d be lucky to have me blast a set at you’re latest gathering, but as some of those reputations precede me, you might be unlucky depending on how obscure the mix is. Just a warning for those of you thinking of hiring me.

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